Abstract process

All abstracts submissions must be made via this website by completing the online submission form and attaching your abstract file in Rich Text Format or MS Word as per the layout guidelines.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit. Please indicate the preferred platform on the submission form. The allocation of presentations is at the discretion of the Organising Committee.

As a commitment to attend and support the Conference, accepted presenters are expected to register and pay for a full registration. Potential presenters should note that all costs to attend the Conference must be met from their own resources. Presenting authors must have registered for their abstract to be published.

If you have a poster presentation request, please contact the conference organisers



Abstracts Open 16 February 2018
Registration opens 1 June 2018
Abstracts Close 22 June 2018
Acceptance notification sent 26 July 2018
Author registration closes 31 August 2018
Early Bird registration closes 17 September 2018
Conference 29 - 31 October 2018
Workshop (by invitation only) 1 November 2018



Authors are required to select the theme(s) and sub-theme(s) that best describes their presentation from the themes listed below.


Submitting an Abstract

Prepare your abstract according to the layout and formatting guidelines below. 
You will need to complete the online form and upload your formatted abstract.



Refer to downloadable abstract submission template below for further details. Abstracts accepted for publication will appear exactly in the form submitted by the author. For this reason, it is imperative to use and carefully follow the guidelines in the abstract submission template.


Formatting Instructions

  • Abstract must be written in English

  • Abstracts must be submitted using Microsoft Word template supplied on this website

  • Abstract title: max 15 words, not in all caps, should read as a normal sentence

  • Abstract text: max 300 words

  • Topic: please check the list of sessions before submitting your abstract

  • (Co-)authors: name; affiliation

  • Presentation preference: oral presentation or poster presentation

  • Abstract text font should be Times New Roman. Essential elements include

  • Margins (A4 page) - Top: 2.54 cm, Bottom: 2.54 cm, Left: 3.17 cm, Right: 3.17 cm

  • Title (14 point, bold, aligned left)

  • List of authors (10 point, aligned left)

  • Institutional affiliation(s) (10 point, aligned left)

  • Main text (10 point, justified)

  • Optional figures (black and white only) and/or tables, at the authorsā€™ discretion, should be permitted, subject to compliance with total length guidelines.


Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement

To ensure independence and objectivity is maintained in all presentations at the conference, the Organising Committee requires that authors of submitted abstracts disclose any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have direct bearing on the material presented in their abstract. This includes, for example, grant/financial support, consultant positions and share holdings.

Please complete the appropriate conflict of interest or disclosure statement box on the online abstract submission form to confirm your status in this regard. The corresponding author is also responsible for documenting conflicts on behalf of co-authors.


Code of Conduct

Delegates are expected to exhibit the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. To ensure a strong and successful organization, our activities require honesty and equity and should reflect well on the Society. In the spirit of promoting Environmental Quality through ScienceĀ®, delegates should strive to be good stewards of environmental resources and effective and objective contributors to the environmental discussion globally as well as locally.

  • Professional behavior and integrity are also expected of every attendee (members and non-members alike) of SETAC meetings, workshops and activities. Each SETAC member and non-member who participates in SETAC meetings and activities is bound by this Code of Ethics and should:

  • Conduct themselves responsibly, objectively, lawfully and in a nondiscriminatory manner.

  • Ensure that presentations during Society-sponsored events and other communications are restricted to and based on scientific principles and are made in a respectful manner.

  • Respect the rights, interests and contributions of professional colleagues.

  • Respect intellectual property rights and provide appropriate attribution for all intellectual property.

  • Declare and avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Not knowingly make false or misleading statements, or engage in activities that could be viewed as defamatory about a professional colleague or an organization.

  • Recognize and respect confidentiality while being honest and forthcoming in all issues of public record.

  • Objectively and clearly communicate scientific methods, understanding and knowledge in a professional manner

  • Conduct research and related activities so as to avoid or minimize adverse environmental effects of that research, and ensure compliance with legal requirements for protection of researchers, human subjects, and research organisms and systems.


Information for Delegates

Registrations close 22 October 2018.

Information for Presenters

All Platform presenters are required to register and pay by 31 August 2018.